Character Dialogue
Han Solo Ahh... Cold 'skee on tap, half-decent company, medals waiting in the morning... This ain't actually the worst party I've been to!
Han Solo Y'know, if it weren't for the constant threat of violent disintegration, I could really get used to this whole "rebel" thing...
Luke Skywalker Funny -- from what I heard, you're pretty close to getting disintegrated most days already!
Han Solo Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, flyboy. You're lucky you're the hero of the hour, otherwise I'd consider taking that personally!

Year Zero

Character Activities Time Rewards
Leia Organa
Level 5
Send Leia to celebrate at the Base![1]
"Celebrate at the Base!"
6h Experience5, Galactic Credits50
Luke Skywalker
Level 5
Send Luke to celebrate at the Base![1]
"Celebrate at the Base!"
Han Solo
Level 3
Send Han to celebrate at the Base![1]
"Celebrate at the Base!"
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Requires Yavin 4 Base
Character Dialogue
Luke Skywalker Leia! Is everything all right? I saw you slipping out the back a few minutes ago, and--
Leia Organa More than all right -- it's wonderful! We just received a transmission from Fostar Haven...
Leia Organa It's a convoy of Alderaanian refugees, Luke... They survived an Imperial attack! And after being saved by an Imperial defector...
Leia Organa My people... My home... In the end, they weren't as lost as I thought. Thank you, Luke... for reminding me there was reason to hope.
C-3PO The memory file ends there... I believe the events following that evening are public knowledge.
C-3PO ... Which leaves me ample processing power to consider WHY AND HOW THAT IMPERIAL MEMORY FILE OVERRODE MY PLAYBACK SUBROUTINES!
C-3PO Rest assured: I will examine every one of my memories until I root out this malfunction at its source! This is far from over...
C-3PO Though... perhaps I will take a brief oil bath, first. This has all been far more taxing than expected...


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