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Character Dialogue
Minnie Mouse Mickey's going on a big fishing trip next weekend and he's asked me to get him some bait.
Minnie Mouse Guess that means I better start digging for worms.

Worming Her Way[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Minnie Mouse
Level 1
Ask Minnie to tidy the garden.
"Tidy the Garden"
60m Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Wow Minnie, the fish really liked the worms you gave me. In fact, I fed all the extra worms to the fish when I released 'em.
Minnie Mouse You did? Hmm... maybe now you could do me a favor. I'm out of worms for my gardens. Would you find me some?
Minnie Mouse If I knew he just wanted to FEED the fish, I would have gotten him fish food!