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Character Dialogue
The Ringmaster Step right up and get your tickets! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Sixteen unforgettable attractions in one big show!
The Ringmaster (And if my best barker had not just quit one me, I could be in the big top RUNNING it, instead of out here TALKING about it...)
The Ringmaster (AHEM--) The greatest collection of marvels in the entire world, all under one roof!

Word of Mouth[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
The Ringmaster
Level 5
Send the Ringmaster to do some carnival barking.
"Do Some Carnival Barking"
8h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
The Ringmaster See the impossible before your faces! The world's most prestigious pachyderm -- soaring over your very own head!
The Ringmaster (Phew! I almost wear my throat out already, and it is not even showtime yet!)
The Ringmaster (Next time I hire a carnival barker, I maybe let him have a sick day when he asks, instead of just yelling at him...)
The Ringmaster Otherwise, I'm gonna be the one who's got laryngitis, instead!