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Character Dialogue
Nemo Crush! Can you and Squirt come talk with Dory and me at the reef? We're trying to think of another way to get my dad out!
Crush Ahh... Way to exercise that big ol' noggin of yours, Jellyman Junior! I approve, little dude -- I APPROVE.
Crush The four of us thinkin' on this together? We are gonna shred this mental wave SO hard, it's gonna be like... WHOA.
Nemo Yeah! Uh... I mean... what?
Crush Just layin' a metaphor on you, dude! Don't overthink it!

With Our Noggins Combined[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Crush and Squirt to brainstorm.[1]
"Brainstorm in the Seas"
6h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Level 4
Level 5
Send Nemo and Dory to brainstorm in the Seas.[2]
"Brainstorm in the Seas"
Level 2
Character Dialogue
Nemo ... I don't think that's gonna work either... Aw, I wish I was bigger and stronger! I'd just head-butt those rocks out of the way...
Squirt Hey, don't let that get you down, dude! Being our size is totally sweet -- and so are you!
Nemo Heh... Thanks, Squirt. I guess being small DID help get me into that filter when I was trapped in the...
Nemo ... Wait. Hey! I think I've got an idea!