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Character Dialogue
Tia Dalma This body... I once lived in it for so long... but now, after I was freed and bound to it again... It... constricts me.
Tia Dalma Once you have been fifty feet tall, or an endless swarm of crabs... Truly, there is no going back.
Tia Dalma Well. If my powers are limited once again, then I must test those limits.

Witch of the Waters[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Tia Dalma
Level 5
Send Tia Dalma to test her powers.
"Test Her Powers"
8h Experience30, Magic250
Character Dialogue
Tia Dalma Hm. Disappointing...
Tia Dalma That whirlpool could barely drag ONE ship to the briny depths, let alone an entire fleet.
Tia Dalma Scuttling ships one at a time? It is nowhere near as satisfying.