Wish Granter is a mini event where you show that your Kingdom is the happiest of them all by granting as many Happiness as you can!


Wish Granter Mini Event

Event #41-Current

Wish Granter #42

Wish Granter #42 started on 21st March 2020 and ended on 24th March 2020, lasting 3 days. This mini event was part of the Epic Quest Event 2020, with Elixirs (Elixirs) and Ruby Chests as prizes.

Rank Rewards
1 Elixirs2,500, Ruby Chests x4
2-3 Elixirs1,750, Ruby Chests x3
4-5 Elixirs1,500, Ruby Chests x3
6-25 Elixirs1,000, Ruby Chests x2
26-50 Elixirs800, Ruby Chests x2
51-100 Elixirs600, Ruby Chest
101-145 Elixirs400

Wish Granter #41

Wish Granter #41 started on 28th January 2020 and ended on 31st January 2020, lasting 3 days.

Rank Rewards
1 Gems15, Resource Chests x3
2-3 Gems12, Resource Chests x2
4-5 Gems10, Resource Chest
6-25 Gems8
26-50 Gems6
51-100 Gems4
101-149 Gems2


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