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Character Dialogue
Rapunzel Flynn! Is everything all right? You look a little upset.
Flynn Of course I'm upset! Have you seen these wanted posters? They look nothing like me!
Rapunzel Really? Because I recognized you right away. Well, except for the nose.
Flynn The nose! Exactly! They can never get my nose right!
Flynn Excuse me, but I have some posters to DESTROY!

Who Nose Best[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Flynn to complain how his nose isn't right.
"My Nose Isn't Right!"
8h Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Flynn Well, that takes care of that!
Rapunzel You got them all? Are you sure?
Flynn Yes I'm -- wait, what do you know?
Rapunzel Well, I saw someone walking by with a big stack of papers, nails and a hammer... Flynn, wait! He went the other way!
Flynn I haven't even stolen anything here! How can I be wanted?!