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Character Dialogue
Forky I still don't know where I am... or what being a toy is. Or why I am one!
Forky Woody said being a toy is like being Bonnie's trash. And then he said he DIDN'T say that, and then he rolled his eyes at me.
Forky Maybe I should ask some other toys what being a toy is...

Who Am I?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Forky to ask the toys at Star Adventurer.[1]
"Ask at Star Adventurer"
8h Experience5, Magic100
  1. Requires Star Adventurer
Character Dialogue
Forky Ohhh... I understand now!
Forky Being a toy is being tied to a wall for three years while you wait for a kid to score enough points to get you down!
Forky Wow. ... That sounds complicated.
Forky Bonnie hasn't tied me to a wall ONCE... I hope I'm doing everything right.