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Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Whoa... I only just got here, and this place is set up for Día de los Muertos already!
Miguel Rivera Back home, we don't usually see this many piñatas at once until December... but I can always get a head start, right?

Who's Ready to Party?![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Piñatas Break Piñatas.[1]
"Spawn Rate: 4 every 60 minutes"
Instant Vinyl Records8
  1. Repeated after 60 minutes, till the event pre-requisites are completed.
Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Haha! Yeah... that was DEFINITELY just as fun as I remember! My family always used to get me a piñata for my birthday...
Miguel Rivera I might've had problems with them when I was younger, but that was always a good memory!
Miguel Rivera Of course, it was usually a piñata shaped like a shoe... so that was kind of its own thing.