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Character Dialogue
Timon Did I lose him? Yeah? ... Good.
Timon Pumbaa means well, but he's...ah...not the most inconspicuous hog in the hills, if you catch my drift.
Timon Which is why I'VE decided to track down Scar myself! Probably have the guy run outta here before sunup...
Timon ...Especially given the rapport I've struck up with the local lions. I bet interviewing 'em's gonna be a breeze!

Which Way Did He Go?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Timon into the Festival of the Lion King.[1]
"Which Way Did He Go?"
2h Experience5, King Symbols50
Character Dialogue
Pumbaa THERE you are, Timon! I thought I lost ya... What've you been doin' all this time?
Timon (You mean, besides gettin' chased clear across this place by twenty angry lionesses?)
Pumbaa What's that, Timon? I can't hear so good when you mumble like that.
Timon I was SAYIN' that this whole "lookin' for Scar" thing would go much quicker if we worked together!
Timon (OW! I may not be able to lie down for a week... And I LOVE lying down!)