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Character Dialogue
Cinderella I'm so glad I was able to help Princess Vanellope with that awful Curse... and I had such a lovely time with my friends, too!
Cinderella There's nothing like working on something meaningful together to strengthen one's friendships, don't you think?
Cinderella I only wish that more of us could have been there!

Where Were You?![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Get Ariel's Comfy Outfit.[1] 60m Experience5, Hearts50
  1. Requires Vanellope Level 2
Character Dialogue
Ariel Cinderella! I'm SO sorry I'm late, and I know you probably feel like you've been waiting for YEARS -- but I got your message!
Ariel ... And I asked everyone I know if they had any helpful gadgets or gizmos, and somebody gave me this... what's it called again?
Ariel ... Oh! "Software debugging tool"!
Cinderella Haha! That's wonderful, Ariel! In that case... why don't we figure out how that "tool" works together?
Ariel You know... I'd like that! I'd like that very much!