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Character Dialogue
Cogsworth ... Oh, believe you me, Lumière: I'm as pleased as anybody to see the Master taking a more deliberate approach...
Cogsworth ...but I worry it may tip him over into one of his... ah... "moods." Which is why we must find Belle -- so she can ensure he DOESN'T!
Lumiere Cogsworth, my friend... for once, I concur with you! She will be at the bookshop, no doubt: I will search for her there, and--
Cogsworth The BOOKSHOP? No, no, no, you blithering-- Her schedule CLEARLY states that she is having tea with her father! Why, you--!

Where IS She?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Cogsworth and Lumière to argue over scheduling.
"Argue Over Scheduling"
4h Magic10, Maleficent Coins500 Refresh Token1
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth Tea!
Lumiere Bookshop!!!
Cogsworth TEA!!!
Lumiere BOOKSHOP!!!
Belle Haha! You know, I was having tea with my father AT the bookshop! Which you'd know, if either of you had bothered to ask me...
Cogsworth Mademoiselle...! Ah... how much of that argument did you just hear, exactly?