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Character Dialogue
Sulley The power's out... our friends are unhappy... Mike, we gotta do something.
Mike Wazowski I know, I know... Time to make 'em laugh.
Sulley Then what are we waiting for?
Mike Wazowski I just had to get Randall to leave. Now come on; let's give 'em a show!

When in Doubt, Laugh[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mike Wazowski
Level 3
Send Mike to perform the big show![1]
"Visit the Laugh Floor with Sulley"
12h Experience15, Magic100
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Mike Wazowski You were killin' me in there, Sulley.
Sulley No, it was you! With the Randall bit. I'm STILL crying.
Mike Wazowski I can't stand the guy, but he does make for great material.
Mike Wazowski And look! All the lights are up and running!
Mike Wazowski Huh? Maybe Randall's not so bad to have around, after all.