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Character Dialogue
Tiana Mama! I've just sorted out the last of the refreshments for the masquerade ball, and--
Tiana ... Wait. Those dolls walking around... They aren't just decorations for the parade, are they?
Tiana No... The Shadow Man must be back from the other side somehow -- and up to his old tricks again! I've got to stop him...
Dr Well, if it isn't froggy's little princess. Gotta hand it to you... you know how to be in the right place at the right time.
Tiana Shadow Man! I'm warning you: Whatever you're up to, you've--
Dr ... Found myself a brand-new meal ticket? Why, how EVER did you guess...
Dr Heh... You'd best come with me, Tiana. You wouldn't want to keep my friends on the other side waiting now, would you?

What He Hasn't Even Tried[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Cursed Dolls Banish Cursed Dolls. [1]
"Spawn Rate: 5 every 2 hours"
Instant Voodoo Coins10 Gumbo Token5
  1. Repeated every 2 hours, throughout the event.