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Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps (SSH! Keep quiet -- you could blow my position!)
Judy Hopps (Sorry... it's just that I've been staking out that building over there for AGES now. Head of the McLynx crime family's inside...)
Judy Hopps (... Anyway, the Department can't spare any unmarked cars, so I have to do it on foot. Which means I have to be extra stealthy!)
Judy Hopps (Just have to call in my daily update to HQ without anyone noticing...)

What's Your Frequency?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Judy Hopps
Level 3
Send Judy to call in her stakeout report.
"What's Your Frequency?"
6h Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps Well, THAT went unexpectedly well! Five arrests in one day!
Judy Hopps It turns out the McLynxes use the same frequency as my police radio... I ended up on a call with their big boss by accident!
Judy Hopps I had to improvise a little -- but he told me where he hid the contraband! And THAT was enough to send the S.C.A.T. team in.
Judy Hopps Wow... Who knew my "irascible bobcat importer-exporter" impression would actually come in handy one of these days?
Judy Hopps "You need HOW many bags of kitty litter? By WHEN?!" ... See? Pretty good, right?