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Character Dialogue
Nani LILO! Angel saw her?! But that means...!
Cobra Bubbles Yes -- she can't have gone far. You and 624 establish a perimeter -- I'll take point on the search.
Nani O-okay...?
Nani (Ay... Sometimes I have almost as much trouble understanding HIM as I do with Angel and Stitch.)

Well-Oiled Machine[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Angel to cover Lahui Beach.[1]
"Cover Lahui Beach"
4h Experience5, Galactic Coins50
Level 5
Send Nani to cover Lilo's House.[2]
"Cover Lilo's House"
Cobra Bubbles
Level 5
Send Bubbles to take point on the search.
"Take Point on the Search"
  1. Requires Lahui Beach
  2. Requires Lilo's House
Character Dialogue
Nani At least the view's good from up in Lilo's room... even though I don't see her y--
Angel Achi-baba!!! Saari! Aka tiki baba! SAARI!
(Friend!!! Girl! Over here! GIRL!)
Nani Oh! Hi, Angel... But wait -- weren't you supposed to be over at the beach? What did you--?
Angel LILO!!!
Angel Lilo aka tiki baba!!!
(Lilo is over here!!!)