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Character Dialogue
Cinderella I'm so excited! Tiana has been busy with something new on the Internet for weeks... but now, she's finally coming back to us!
Cinderella I always miss my friends when they're gone -- but I'm happy when they can debut in something that's just for them!
Cinderella I can't wait for Tiana to tell me all about it...

Welcome an Off-Duty Chef[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Get Tiana's Comfy Costume. 4h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Character Dialogue
Tiana I'm back! And I brought a couple of cold drinks from that update I was in, too. Leftovers from the masquerade ball!
Cinderella Oh, Tiana -- how wonderful! It's like you've granted a wish I didn't even know I'd made...
Tiana Heh! I wouldn't go that far... but thanks. Say what you will about our job -- but it beats double shifts at Duke's, hands down!
Cinderella Haha! Agreed... or running a chateau single-handedly, for that matter!
Tiana Amen to that. At least I never had to live where I worked...