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Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps Maybe Nick was the one talking to Chief Bogo... They ARE supposed to have regular check-ins. Even when he's undercover.
Judy Hopps What case was he on, though... ? He didn't tell me much when he got the assignment -- something about a "need-to-know-basis."
Judy Hopps There has to be an official record of it somewhere... I should check the department's files.

Welcome an Ex-Con Artist[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Judy Hopps
Level 3
Send Judy to find out what case Nick was working.
"Research Nick's Last Case"
3h Experience50, Magic300
Nick Wilde Welcome Nick Wilde. 6h
Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps Nick! THERE you are!
Nick Wilde Nick? Who is this Nick?! I am Reynard Lapsa, seller of fine non-counterfeited anti-flatulent medicaments! For the bovines!
Nick Wilde It is as the slogans say: "We are a legitimate place of business!" You buy, yes?
Judy Hopps ... HA! I'm starting to see why you didn't tell me about the case you were on!
Judy Hopps "Need-to-know basis," my TAIL!