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Character Dialogue
Merlin Now then, as we continue to banish the Curse, it's time for me to explain yet another feature of this Kingdom's magic...
Merlin ... Oh, dash it all, I've had ENOUGH! This endless Curse-removal, and... and instructional lecturing, and whatnot...
Merlin ... It IS important, of course. I'd never dismiss the value of knowledge, but even a wizard needs the occasional change of pace...
Merlin Yes, I believe it's high time I stepped away from the sidelines and applied my skills directly in the field, as it were!
Merlin And I know just the spell to start with. (Ah-heh-HEM--) TUTORIALIS... ESCAPARIUM!!!

Welcome a Wizard[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Merlin Welcome Merlin... Really! 6s Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Merlin Ha-haaa! Any old mage could summon yet another guest to this Kingdom... but it takes a TRUE wizard to summon HIMSELF!
Merlin Now, to be precise, I really just transmigrated myself from my laboratory over there to this plaza over here...
Merlin ... But after all, it's not the distance that matters -- it's the magical principle at work!
Merlin It wouldn't have been nearly as instructive if I'd just walked over.