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Character Dialogue
Sina I'm glad Moana is helping us with the Kakamora... but I'm worried she'll wear herself out.
Sina She's done nothing but sail from place to place and distract those creatures... and I'm not sure she's over being poisoned yet!
Sina I just hope she'll have the chance to take some time for herself, once all this is over...

Welcome a Voyager[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Moana Welcome Moana. 60m Experience5, Shiny Shells50
Character Dialogue
Maui Heyyy! Look who's up and walking around again! Or... up, and walking around, AND not fighting Kakamora. Same difference, mostly.
Moana Ha! Thanks. But yeah... I feel great! I guess Dad's medicinal tea really DOES work as well as he says...
Maui Well, it should! I mean, I was the guy that slowed down the sun long enough for those healing herbs to grow, so...
Moana ... Maui.
Maui Kidding! Kidding! ... Let's call it a group effort.
Moana Ehh... Knowing you? I'll take it.