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Character Dialogue
Beast I've told the other servants to find Cogsworth for me... And they're doing it. Fast.
Beast I think the growling may have helped...

Welcome a Timepiece[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Cogsworth Welcome Cogsworth. 6h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth Master!!! But YOU'RE...! Well, after finding MYSELF like this again, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see YOU--!
Cogsworth ... Ah, what I MEAN to say is that I was so STARTLED to find myself in this form again, that I went looking for HELP, and--
Cogsworth ... Well, naturally I suppose I SHOULD have been more transparent with you beforehand, but I've ALWAYS FELT that--
Beast Don't worry, Cogsworth... I may look like this again, but I'm still myself. I just need you to help me plan a ball for Belle...
Cogsworth ... Ah. Really...? Is that all?