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Character Dialogue
Woody This is ridiculous! And no matter what I say, old "Baron von Bratwurst" won't let me change this playtime to a Western.
Woody Although... now that I think about it, cowboys and knights DO have one thing in common...
Woody That's it! If I can track down a trusty friend, maybe I can turn this fantasy story into a fantasy WESTERN story!

Welcome a Steed[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Bullseye Welcome Bullseye. 6h Experience50, Magic400
Character Dialogue
Bullseye ...!!!
Woody Bullseye! Boy am I glad to see you, pal!
Woody Sorry... Ahem. "Good morrow, my noble steed! Whilst thou bear this valiant knight to frontiers yet unknown?"
Bullseye ...?
Woody (Don't worry, Bullseye. We're just trying something a little different today.)