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Character Dialogue
Will Turner Time is of the essence -- so Elizabeth and I agreed to pursue our respective ideas separately.
Will Turner I trust her to handle herself -- and we'll likely see results faster that way. Or at least, that's our hope...
Will Turner At any rate: MY course is clear. If I'm to find Jack's ship... well, who better to ask than the man who stole it from him?
Will Turner I only hope I can track him down...

Welcome a Sea Dog[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Captain Barbossa Welcome Captain Barbossa. 12h Experience60, Magic500
Character Dialogue
Captain Barbossa Ahh... Young Master Turner. To what do I owe this honor?
Will Turner To my desire to find Jack's ship, Barbossa... a ship which I can't help but notice you don't seem to be piloting, at the moment.
Captain Barbossa Jack's ship, you say...? Ahh... You must mean MY ship. Seeing as I liberated it from him fair and square, of course.
Captain Barbossa As for FINDING that ship... Well, it appears that you and I may just have that interest in common.