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Character Dialogue
Hiro Seriously, Honey Lemon -- Wasabi's a great hacker, but he's got his phone off too, remember?
Hiro He's probably locked himself in a cleanroom somewhere brainstorming new applications for laser-induced plasma! OFF. GRID.
Honey Lemon Heehee... You're probably right, Hiro -- but I think I know how we can reach him anyway!
Honey Lemon Just let me tweak a few of the settings on my chempurse's remote-activation function...

Welcome a Physicist[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Wasabi Welcome Wasabi. 2h Experience5, Medical Chips50
Character Dialogue
Honey Lemon Wasabi! Ohh, I'm SO glad you came! I KNEW my emergency signaling device would work!
Wasabi ... Yeah. That wouldn't have anything to do with the ball of purple goo that just exploded all over my workstation, would it?
Honey Lemon No... it was supposed to release a light puff of jasmine-scented mist and play an audio clip saying "Wasabi, come quick!"
Honey Lemon ... Oh. Haha! I must've mixed up which chem-ball I was going to use. Silly me!
Wasabi ... This is my backup shirt, Honey Lemon. MY BACKUP SHIRT!