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Character Dialogue
Marlin ... So the EAC spit me into this pool -- which was fine, until this wrecked boat fell on top of it. And then the tide went out...
Marlin Anyway -- I WOULD try to jump out of here, but I can't even see where the ocean IS, and... Crush, I have to get back to my son!
Crush You and me both, Jellyman... but rest easy: Your little dude is out here hangin' with me!
Crush But speakin' of little dudes: Any chance you saw Squirt paddling around this cove? 'Cause word is, THIS is where HE is, dude!

Welcome a Little Dude[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Squirt Welcome Squirt. 2h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Character Dialogue
Marlin Squirt? Oh -- yes! Yes, he was just here! He was swimming around this tide pool, trying to see if there was any safe way out...
Crush WHOOO! That's my little DUDE, dude! All helpin' out a Jellyman in need, all by his lonesome? That is CLASSIC Squirt, dude!
Crush You hang tight in there, dude. I'm gonna circle up with him and Jellyman Junior and meditate on how to get you free!
Marlin Oh... All right! I mean... you are going to ACTUALLY get me out of here after you, uh... "meditate" on it, right? Right? ... Crush?
Crush Can't hear you, Jellyman! Too busy meditating!