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Character Dialogue
Merlin Hmm... I suppose it's no surprise that such a... "distractible" fellow can't accomplish much of substance...
Merlin Well: The second time's the charm, as I always say!
Merlin I know I've said it at least ONCE, anyway...

Welcome a Jackrabbit[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
March Hare Welcome the March Hare. 60m Experience5, Queen Coins50
Character Dialogue
March Hare A VERY merry unbirthday... TOOOOOOOO--!
Mad Hatter ... To ME?!
March Hare No: to YOU! Ahh, what I mean is -- well, it's either to me AND you, or neither to me NOR you! Or both!
Mad Hatter I'm confused again.
March Hare That's funny -- I was going to say the same thing!