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Character Dialogue
Merlin Nothing is more powerful than true love -- and not even the strongest of curses can--
Merlin ... I say, hang on a moment: Haven't we cast this spell before? Or perhaps we haven't cast it YET...
Merlin It can be rather difficult to tell the one apart from the other, you know -- having been to the future and such!
Merlin Well, let's go about casting the spell THIS time, at any rate. Perhaps we'll be surprised!

Welcome a Dreamer...?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Cinderella Welcome Cinderella. 60m Experience5, Hearts50
Character Dialogue
Cinderella A dream is a wish your heart makes!
Merlin Oh, no, no, no, hang on just one moment-- This won't do at all!
Merlin Or, rather, we've welcomed the right PERSON to our Kingdom... but now the right SORT of the right person.
Merlin Oh, dash it all... This IS rather difficult to explain, isn't it?
Cinderella Life is so divine!