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Welcome a Darling is where the Act 5:Adventureland begins....
Welcome a Darling is where the Peter Pan Storyline (Act 5) begins....

Character Dialogue
Merlin Ah, a full moon, high in the sky. There's always a little more magic than usual, at such times...
Merlin ... And given the Kingdom's customary state, that IS saying something!
Merlin Yes, I think tonight will be a night for dreamers, adventurers, and storytellers... or perhaps all three at once!

Welcome a Darling[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Wendy Darling Welcome Wendy. 24h Experience50, Magic400
Character Dialogue
Wendy Darling Peter! Oh, Peter Pan! Where are you?
Wendy Darling Oh, for goodness sakes, where has he flown off to this time?