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Character Dialogue
Vanellope (Psst! I'm the only one in the dressing room right now, right? No one saw me come in? Awesome!)
Vanellope So: I've been Knowsmore-ing all my new princess pals to make sure they're the GOOD kind of weirdos, and listen to THIS...
Vanellope ONE of 'em isn't even a princess at all! Yeah! Not actually supposed to be on this website, just like yours truly! SO. COOL.
Vanellope Honestly, the fact that she's been running that kind of long con makes me respect her, like, a BILLION times more.
Vanellope Oooh, I can't wait 'til she gets back! I've got all KINDS of sneakiness-related questions to annoy her with!

Welcome a Comfy Voyager[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Moana Get Moana's Comfy Costume. 60m Experience5, Shiny Shells50
Character Dialogue
Moana Oh! Hey, Vanellope! What's up?
Vanellope Yesss... "What's up." Exactly the sort of thing somebody in deep cover WOULD say! Classic.
Vanellope It's just us here, Mo -- you can drop the act! Now: How'd someone like you dodge the firewall for two years straight?
Moana Uh... "Firewall"? You mean... like Te Ka? 'Cause that only took a couple of minutes.
Moana You know what? Let's start over. I think we've got our currents crossed, here...