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Character Dialogue
Nemo Yeah! Crush was gonna meet up with our class to teach everyone how to ride the EAC! That must be him way over there...
Nemo Crush! HEEEY!!! It's me -- Nemo! Remember? From Squirt's class! And... uh... a lot of other stuff! I'm over here!!!

Welcome a Big Dude[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Crush Welcome Crush. 60m Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Character Dialogue
Crush Whoa... Well, if it isn't Jellyman Junior! Long time no hang, little dude. What's shakin'?
Nemo Just my tail, Crush -- like normal! Uh... I kinda got separated from rest of my class, though. Can you help me?
Crush ... DUDE. Speaking dude-to-dude here...? Nothing could POSSIBLY make me more stoked.
Nemo Great -- thanks! Uh... that DOES mean "yes," right?
Crush SHYEAH, that means "yes," little dude! Remind me to school you in turtle lingo sometime, 'kay?