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Character Dialogue
Merlin Aha! I have it! Er... that, is, I have an apt metaphor for why our latest spell didn't go off quite as planned!
Merlin Think of it this way: What would be the difference between inviting ME to the Kingdom, as I am now...
Merlin ... And inviting me here while I'm dressed for a Bermuda vacation? You know: in my sunglasses and swim trousers and such!
Merlin Well, that's a difference that matters! Go on: Try casting that second kind of spell right away!

Welcome a (Comfy) Dreamer[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Get Cinderella's Comfy Outfit. 60m Experience5, Hearts50
Character Dialogue
Cinderella Ahh... This new gown is simply divine!
Cinderella Or... what did Princess Vanellope call it? "Leggings"... and a "sweatshirt"! I hope that my mice didn't find them TOO hard to sew...
Cinderella Jaq told me he had to ask someone what "screen-printing" was, before he could finish them. I hadn't the faintest idea!
Merlin (Aha! Now, THAT'S the ticket: A precisely cast spell, for precisely the right result!)
Cinderella Why, it's a wonder that I ever wore a bustle to begin with!