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Character Dialogue
Ralph I don't really get half of what she says, but Yesss is a pretty nice lady!
Ralph And if she's good at finding new videos for the people on her website, I bet she's gonna be good at finding Vanellope, too.
Ralph ... As soon as her break's over, anyway. Her assistant said she spends part of each day... uh... "curating relaxation aids?"

Welcome TO MY CHANNEL![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Yesss Welcome ALGORITHM "Yesss.bzz" UPLOAD. 2h Experience5, Hearts50
Character Dialogue
Yesss Ahhh... Whale songs... Sunsets... Anime children doing homework to downtempo hip-hop...
Ralph Uh... Yesss? Hello...?
Yesss ... Aaand BREAK'S OVER! Let's talk search optimization, big guy: My P.A. gave me the TL;DR, but I wanna hear it from the source!
Ralph Uh... Okay, now I understand LESS than half of what you're talking about.
Yesss I'm TALKING about stopping those viruses! You gotta update that internal dictionary, baby!