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Character Dialogue
Buzz Lightyear Sadly, I was NOT manufactured with a "stealth mode"...
Buzz Lightyear But maybe if I stand perfectly still, that new toy won't notice me. Here's hoping...

Welcome (Another) Duck[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Ducky Welcome Ducky. 12h Experience50, Magic300
Character Dialogue
Ducky Yo, Spaceman! Hey! Hey! ... Hey, Starboy! Astro-Guy! ... Major Malfunction!
Ducky You run out of that triple-A juice on me, Moon Dude, or are you just playin'? 'Cause lest we forget... YOU STILL OWE ME A KID!
Buzz Lightyear *sigh* ... I take DOUBLE-A batteries, Ducky. Not triple-A's.
Ducky HA! I KNEW it!
Ducky Now, you better PREPARE yourself, Houston -- 'cause we're about to have a PROBLEM!