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Character Dialogue
Hiro Wasabi's a REALLY good coder -- but I always get a little antsy when I'm waiting for someone else's program to run.
Hiro It's like when you post a photo online, and you're waiting to see how many people like it, and you just keep refreshing...
Hiro ... Okay, talking about it is actually making it worse. I'm just gonna go check on it real quick -- be right back!

Way of the... Tablet?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Hiro to check on Wasabi's code at the Manor.[1]
"Check on Wasabi's Code"
2h Experience5, Medical Chips50
Character Dialogue
Hiro Wow... This is... WOW.
Hiro Sorry, sorry -- Wasabi just writes REALLY elegant code. He didn't even need to comment it, and it's still super intuitive!
Hiro (Don't tell him, but when I'm coding and I hit a wall, I sometimes doodle ASCII-art robots in the comments. It really helps!)
Hiro ... OH! Wait, wait, wait -- it's done running. It's done running! It's... oh. Oh, WOW...
Hiro This is... I've gotta tell the others. Quickly!