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Character Dialogue
Angel Salsa! Salsa! Imhaater aka tiki baba!
(Follow me! Follow me! Computer, it's over there!!)
Nani "Salsa?" You're not talking about Mexican food, are you...
Angel Naga. Iki bah bah! Maka maka!
(No. Come on, hurry!)
Nani Oh -- you want me to follow you this time! All right...

Water You Doing?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Lahui Beach.[1] 6h Experience5, Galactic Coins50
  1. Requires Angel Level 2
Character Dialogue
Angel Hassiniyadh! Ikata imhaater hagata.
(Sea! Get computer here.)
Nani The beach! I guess Stitch's map does look a LITTLE bit like Lahui...
Nani So... what are we supposed to do now?
Angel ... Chunga bey.
(... You first.)
Angel Dunga haga blabla...
(I don't like water...)