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Character Dialogue
Maleficent Impossible! How could I have...?!
Maleficent ... No matter. We shall see how they fare against all the powers of the underworld!!!
Merlin Blow me to Bermuda... What a performance! At this rate, we'll have swept away this new Curse in no time!

Character Dialogue
Maleficent Yes... all according to plan. My new Curse is almost complete... and more powerful than ever!
Merlin Now, now... don’t lose hope! It’s always darkest before the dawn, you know... So long as we keep believing in the Kingdoms!

Character Dialogue
Kanga Oh dear... It's very misty out today. And when it's misty, it's not just Roo that catches cold... it's all of my friends, too.
Kanga Pooh Bear in particular. He does have very nice shirts... but they're in more of a summer weight.
Kanga I know! I'll knit him a sweater. He does deserve a belated Windsday present, after all.

Warm As a Bear Hug![]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Kanga to knit a sweater for Pooh.
"Knit a Sweater for Pooh"
2h Maleficent Coins100 Refresh Token1
Character Dialogue
Kanga There you are, Pooh! This is for you.
Kanga I haven't finished the sleeves yet -- but in the meantime, it would make a very fetching smock. Or a tea-towel!
Winnie the Pooh Hmm? Oh, Why, thank you, Kanga. I'll be sure to wear it, just as soon as I find... Just as soon as I... Oh, bother.
Kanga Pooh Bear? Are you all right?
Kanga Pooh may be a bear of very little brain... but I believe he has something on his mind!