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Character Dialogue
Merlin Goodness, I'm starting to forget what the Kingdom was like before this confounded CURSE came along.
Merlin But with a little alakazam and abracadabra, we can take a peek inside the imagination of another for inspiration.
Merlin Let us go visit a friend's Kingdom!
Merlin This friend's Kingdom is bursting with Magic thanks to their magnificent imagination! Let's gather some while we're here.
Merlin Hmmm, it seems that the spell limits the amount of Magic we can gather per visit.
Merlin Well then, after we've gathered what we can, let's return to our own Kingdom.

Visit a Friend's Kingdom[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Merlin Visit a Friend's Kingdom Instant Experience5, Magic50
Character Dialogue
Merlin That was delightful! And, as I said, inspiring!
Merlin Remember: We can gather inspiration -- and Magic! -- by returning to the Kingdoms of our friends!
Merlin Using our imagination is the key to inspired learning! Mustn't let it get rusty.