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Character Dialogue
Mushu Come on, Cri-Kee -- help a dragon out! I can't dictate this without you, and--
Cri-Kee Chirp.
Mushu Aaah, don't be like that! I haven't sent my ink-brush pal a letter in MONTHS!
Cri-Kee Chirp chirp...
Mushu "Write it myself?" Cri-Kee, you've SEEN what my calligraphy looks like. You really think I wanna inflict that on anybody?
Cri-Kee Chirp... Chirp-chirp!

Very Truly Yours[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Cri-Kee and Mushu to write a letter.
"Write a Letter"
12h Experience5, Magic100
Level ?
Character Dialogue
Cri-Kee Chirp chi-chirrrp!
Mushu Whoo! That is one fancy-looking piece of correspondence. Thanks, buddy -- I owe you a bowl of porridge.
Mushu Man... Who would've thought there'd be ANOTHER fire-breathing guardian dragon around here worth writing to?
Cri-Kee Chirp chirp chirp...
Mushu "Guy in a lizard suit?" Come ON, Cri-Kee. That's just ridiculous!
Cri-Kee Chirp!