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Hello, my name is Jack Williams, and I am a player for Disney Magic Kingdoms. I have started playing this game before the Winnie the Pooh event started. I hope to have everything in the game soon, and my current game level is Level 46.

My Characters

Here are all of the characters that I have unlocked so far in the game. The black icons mean that I haven't unlocked some of the other characters yet.

Main Story's Characters

The Sword in the Stone Merlin (Level 2) / Mickey and Friends Mickey Mouse (Level 10) Minnie Mouse (Level 10) Donald Duck (Level 5) Daisy Duck (Level 10) Goofy (Level 10) Pluto (Level 5) Chip (Level 3) Dale (Level 4) Pete (Level 8) / DuckTales - Scrooge McDuck Huey (Level 5) Dewey (Level 3) Louie (Level 3)

Toy Story - Woody (Level 10) Buzz Lightyear (Level 9) Jessie (Level 10) Bullseye (Level 4) Rex (Level 10) Hamm (Level 10) Bo Peep (Level 10) Sarge (Level 10) The Toy Alien (Level 2) The Evil Emperor Zurg (Level 5) Forky Ducky (Level 3) Bunny (Level 3)

Cinderella - Cinderella (Level 10) Prince Charming (Level 10) The Fairy Godmother (Level 10) Lady Tremaine (Level 9) Anastasia Tremaine (Level 7) Drizella Tremaine (Level 8) / Star Wars - R2-D2 (Level 5) C-3PO (Level 5) / Peter Pan - Peter Pan Wendy Darling John Darling Michael Darling Tinker Bell (Level 10) Captain Hook (Level 6)

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sparrow (Level 10) Will Turner (Level 10) Elizabeth Swann (Level 10) Captain Barbossa (Level 3) Tia Dalma Davy Jones / Monsters, Inc. - Sulley (Level 10) Mike Wazowski (Level 10) Boo (Level 7) Celia Mae (Level 10) Roz (Level 9) Randall Boggs (Level 8) / WALL-E - WALL-E (Level 10) EVE (Level 8)

Tangled - Rapunzel (Level 8) Flynn Rider (Level 10) Pascal (Level 8) Maximus (Level 10) Mother Gothel (Level 3) / Sleeping Beauty - Aurora (Level 4) Prince Phillip (Level 5) Flora (Level 9) Fauna (Level 5) Merryweather (Level 3) / Zootopia - Judy Hopps (Level 8) Nick Wilde (Level 8) Chief Bogo (Level 2) Flash

Bambi - Bambi (Level 2) Thumper (Level 10) Flower / The Jungle Book - Mowgli (Level 5) Baloo (Level 2) Bagheera (Level 3) King Louie Shere Khan / Lady and the Tramp - Lady Tramp (Level 3) Jock Trusty (Level 2) Tony Joe

Dumbo - Dumbo Timothy Q. Mouse The Ringmaster / Pocahontas - Pocahontas Meeko Percy / The Emperor's New Groove - Kuzco Pacha Yzma Kronk / Ratatouille - Remy Linguini Colette

Events' Characters

The Incredibles - Mr. Incredible (Level 5) Elastigirl (Level 7) Violet Parr (Level 4) Dash Parr (Level 5) Jack-Jack Parr (Level 3) Frozone (Level 7) Syndrome (Level 4) / The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington (Level 10) Sally (Level 10) Zero (Level 2) The Mayor Oogie Boogie (Level 2) Lock Shock Barrel (Level 1)

Frozen - Anna (Level 4) Elsa (Level 4) Olaf (Level 4) Kristoff (Level 3) Sven (Level 5) Prince Hans (Level 3) Ryder (Level 4) Honeymaren Bruni (Level 1) / Mulan - Mulan (Level 3) Li Shang Mushu (Level 7) Cri-Kee (Level 2)

Beauty and the Beast - Belle (Level 8) The Beast (Level 9) Lumière (Level 10) Cogsworth (Level 6) Mrs. Potts (Level 6) Chip (Level 7) Gaston (Level 3) LeFou

The Lion King - Simba (Level 7) Nala (Level 6) Zazu (Level 10) Rafiki (Level 9) Timon (Level 8) Pumbaa (Level 9) Scar (Level 4) Shenzi (Level 2) Banzai (Level 4) Ed (Level 4)

Aladdin - Aladdin (Level 7) Jasmine (Level 5) Abu (Level 4) The Genie (Level 4) The Magic Carpet (Level 4) The Sultan (Level 4) Rajah (Level 2) Jafar (Level 2) Iago (Level 4) / Alice in Wonderland - Alice (Level 10) The Mad Hatter (Level 10) The March Hare (Level 9) The White Rabbit (Level 4) The Cheshire Cat (Level 10) The Blue Caterpillar (Level 9) The Queen of Hearts

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Snow White (Level 3) Doc (Level 8) Grumpy (Level 3) Happy (Level 3) Sleepy (Level 6) Bashful (Level 5) Sneezy (Level 7) Dopey (Level 7) The Prince (Level 3) The Evil Queen

Winnie the Pooh - Winnie the Pooh (Level 2) Piglet (Level 2) Tigger (Level 7) Rabbit (Level 8) Eeyore (Level 6) Kanga (Level 6) Roo (Level 10) Owl Christopher Robin (Level 3)

Lilo and Stitch - Lilo (Level 5) Stitch (Level 2) Nani (Level 10) Jumba Jookiba (Level 7) Pleakley (Level 7) Cobra Bubbles (Level 6) Angel (Level 4) / Big Hero 6 - Hiro Hamada (Level 6) Baymax Go Go Tomago (Level 1) Honey Lemon (Level 5) Fred Fredrickson (Level 4) Wasabi (Level 3) Yokai (Level 1)

The Little Mermaid - Ariel (Level 3) Flounder (Level 3) Sebastian (Level 6) Scuttle (Level 5) King Triton Prince Eric (Level 1) Ursula / Wreck-It Ralph - Wreck-It Ralph (Level 10) Vanellope von Schweetz (Level 1) Fix-It Felix Jr. (Level 4) Sergeant Calhoun (Level 1) Yesss (Level 4) Shank J.P. Spamley (Level 9) Gord

The Princess and the Frog - Tiana (Level 4) Prince Naveen (Level 7) Louis (Level 4) Mama Odie (Level 2) Charlotte La Bouff (Level 3) Eudora (Level 10) Dr. Facilier / Moana - Moana Maui (Level 1) Pua (Level 1) Heihei (Level 1) Gramma Tala (Level 2) Chief Tui (Level 8) Sina (Level 8)

Finding Nemo - Marlin (Level 1) Dory (Level 2) Nemo (Level 10) Bruce (Level 5) Crush (Level 6) Squirt (Level 2) Hank (Level 2) Destiny Bailey / Coco - Miguel Rivera (Level 10) Héctor Rivera (Level 1) Dante (Level 4) Mamá Imelda (Level 5) Mamá Coco Abuelita Ernesto de la Cruz (Level 7)

Haunted Mansion - The Bride / Star Wars (the original trilogy) - Luke Skywalker (Level 4) Princess Leia (Level 3) Han Solo (Level 2) Chewbacca Darth Vader TIE Fighter Pilot / Star Wars (the sequel trilogy) - Rey (Level 5) Finn (Level 8) Poe Dameron (Level 6) BB-8 (Level 4) Kylo Ren General Hux (Level 5) First Order Stormtrooper (Level 1)

Star Wars (The Mandalorian) - The Mandalorian (Level 4) The Child Kuiil Cara Dune (Level 2) Greef Karga (Level 4) / Onward - Ian Lightfoot Barley Lightfoot (Level 5) Laurel Lightfoot (Level 4) Wilden Lightfoot Blazey (Level 1) The Manticore (Level 1) Colt Bronco (Level 5)

Hercules - Hercules (Level 2) Megara (Level 6) Pegasus (Level 2) Philoctetes (Level 8) Hades Pain (Level 3) Panic / Brave - Merida Queen Elinor (Level 4) King Fergus Lord MacGuffin (Level 4) Lord Macintosh (Level 1) Lord Dingwall (Level 1)

Raya and the Last Dragon - Raya Sisu (Level 1) Tuk Tuk (Level 2) Boun (Level 3) Namaari / Luca - Luca Paguro (Level 3) Alberto Scorfano (Level 3) Giulia Marcovaldo (Level 2) Machiavelli Ercole Visconti

101 Dalmatians - Pongo (Level 4) Perdita Patch (Level 1) Lucky (Level 3) Rolly Penny Cruella de Vil

Total characters: 222 / 292

My Costumes

Here are the costumes that I have unlocked so far in the game. The black icons mean that I haven't unlocked some of the other costumes yet.

Main Story's Characters

C-mickey mouse-side.png    - Pirate Classic Sorcerer Spring Halloween Holiday Lunar Tuxedo Lunar New Year (Hong Kong / C-goofy-side.png    - Halloween Spring Pirate

C-pluto-side.png    - Spring Lunar / C-daisy duck-side.png    - Halloween Lunar New Year (Hong Kong / C-pete-side.png    - Classic

C-minnie mouse-side.png    - Classic Spring Halloween Holiday Lunar Pirate Lunar New Year (Hong Kong / C-donald duck-side.png    - Halloween Pirate Lunar New Year (Hong Kong / C-chip-side.png    - Lunar

C-dale-side.png    - Lunar / C-bo peep-side.png    - Toy Story 4 / C-cinderella-side.png    - Comfy / C-jack sparrow-side.png    - Captain's Coat / C-rapunzel-side.png    - Comfy / C-aurora-side.png    - Comfy

C-pocahontas-side.png    - Comfy

Events' Characters

C-elastigirl-side.png    - Elastigirl / C-anna-side.png    - Holiday Travel Costume Queen Anna / C-elsa-side.png    - Holiday Travel Costume Snow Queen Elsa / C-olaf-side.png    - Holiday

C-mulan-side.png    - Comfy Warrior / C-belle-side.png    - Formal Dress Comfy / C-beast-side.png    - Formal Suit / C-aladdin-side.png    - Prince Ali Costume / C-jasmine-side.png    - Purple Dress Comfy

C-snow white-side.png    - Comfy / C-winnie the pooh-side.png    - Honey Day / C-baymax-side.png    - Baymax Armour / C-ariel-side.png    - Mermaid Comfy / C-tiana-side.png    - Comfy

C-moana-side.png    - Comfy / C-merida-side.png    - Comfy / C-luke skywalker-side.png    - X-Wing Pilot Costume

Total costumes: 19 / 60

My Attractions

Here are all of the attractions that I have unlocked so far in the game. The black icons mean that I haven't unlocked some of the other attractions yet.

A Homecoming Celebration Al's Toy Barn (Enchantment Level 2) Alberto's Hideout (Enchantment Level 0) Alice in Wonderland (Enchantment Level 3) Ancestor's Shrine Animation Academy Arendelle Courtyard Rink (Enchantment Level 2) Ariel's Grotto Astro Orbiters (Enchantment Level 0) AT-AT Atlantica Aurora's Spinning Wheel Baloo's Oasis Be Our Guest Resturant The Beast's Castle Belle's House Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Boun's Shrimp Boat (Ehchantment Level 0) Broomstick Graveyard (Enchantment Level 2) Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters (Enchantment Level 2) Buzzztube (Enchantment Level 1) California Screamin' (Zone Thrill Level 3) The Cantina (Enchantment Level 2) Castle DunBroch (Enchantment Level 1 The Cave of Wonders The Chip and Dale Treehouse The Cinderella Castle The Costume Shop Cruella's Car Crush's Coaster (Enchantment Level 2) Cyclops Sushi Daisy's Diner (Enchantment Level 2) Davy Jones's Organ Donald's Boat (Enchantment Level 2) Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium Dumbo the Flying Elephant Eeyore's House Elsa's Ice Palace (Enchantment Level 2) The Enchanted Forest (Enchantment Level 1) The Enchanted Tiki Room The Fairy Hut Fang Palace Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Fantasmic! (Enchantment Level 0) The Fantasy Faire (Enchantment Level 2) The Festival of the Lion King The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Enchantment Level 1) The Finklestein Tower (Enchantment Level 2) The Forest Ice Rink (Enchantment Level 0) Frederickson Grounds The Garbage Compactor (Enchantment Level 0) Gaston's Tavern The Genie's Lamp Show Goin' Down the Bayou The Golden Zephyr Goofy's Playhouse (Enchantment Level 3) Grandmother Willow Guinevere (Enchantment Level 2) Gusteau's Kitchen The Haunted Mansion The Second Haunted Mansion Heart Palace The Hollywood Tower of Terror (Enchantment Level 0) It's a Small World Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab Jack Skellington's House (Enchantment Level 2) Jessie's Snack Roundup (Enchantment Level 2) Jet Packs Jumpin' Jellyfish The Jungle Cruise The Jungle River Drift Kaa's Jungle Gym The Kakamora Boat Lady and Tramp's Home Lahui Beach The Land of the Dead (Enchantment Level 0) Lantern Attraction The Lightfoot House (Enchantment Level 0) Lilo's House Little Rodentia The Lost Boys' Hideout The Lucky Cat Café Luke's Home (Enchantment Level 0) The Mad Tea Party (Enchantment Level 2) The Magic Mirror on the Wall The Main Street Cinema Mama Odie's Tree The Manticore's Tavern (Enchantment Level 0) The Marauder Shuttle Merlin's Shop Mickey's Fun Wheel (Enchantment Level 5) Mickey's house (Enchantment Level 3) Mickey's PhilharMagic (Enchantment Level 2) Mike and Sulley to the Rescue The Millennium Falcon Minnie's House (Enchantment Level 1) Moana's Boat The Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Mudka's Meat Hut The Musical Celebration (Enchantment Level 0) Nevarro City (Enchantment Level 1) Niceland (Enchantment Level 3) The Nightmare Candy Shop (Enchantment Level 1) 'Ohana The Omnidroid Obstacle Course Oogie Boogie's Spin The Parade Tent The Park The Path of Ravens Peter Pan's Flight Pirates of the Caribbean Pixie Hollow (Enchantment Level 2) Pizza Planet (Enchantment Level 3) Pluto's House Pooh's Hunny Hunt The Portorosso Tower (Enchantment Level 0) The Primeval Whirl Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel (Enchantment Level 3) The Princess Dressing Room (Enchantment Level 3) The Princess Fairytale Hall (Enchantment Level 2) Rabbit's House The Radcliffe Residence (Enchantment Level 0) Rapunzel's Tower (Enchantment Level 2) Razor Crest RC Racers The Reflections of China Remy's Ratatouille Adventure Resistance Speeders (Enchantment Level 3) Resistance X-Wing (Enchantment Level 2) Ring of Stones The Rivera Familia Home (Enchantment Level 2) Ruins of the Ancient Kingdom The Sandcrawler (Enchantment Level 2) San Fransokyo City The Santa Cecilia Market Shop (Enchantment Level 3) The Sea Serpent Swing (Enchantment Level 2) The Seven Dwarfs' Cottage Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Slaughter Race (Enchantment Level 0) Slinky Dog Dash Snow White's Scary Adventures The Snuggly Duckling (Enchantment Level 2) Space Mountain (Zone Thrill Level 1) Space Traders (Enchantment Level 3) Splash Mountain Star Adventurer (Enchantment Level 2) The Statue Garden (Enchantment Level 2) The Steamboat Willie (Enchantment Level 2) Stitch's Great Escape The Stone Giant Waterfall (Enchantment Level 1) The Streets of Agrabah The Sword in the Stone Syndrome's Zero Point Energy Rings Tamatoa's Lair The Barnstormer The Beaver Dam The Circle of Life The De Vil Place The Golden Afternoon (Enchantment Level 3) The Incredibles House The Internet (Enchantment Level 3) The Jolly Roger The Kraken The Lotus Fountain The Magic Carpets of Aladdin The Magic Lamp Theater The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh The Meadow (Enchantment Level 2) The Money Bin The Omnidroid City The Park (Enchantment Level 0) The Seas with Nemo and Friends (Enchantment Level 2) The Tweedle's Wacky Fairway (Enchantment Level 3) Tiana's Palace Tony's Restaurant (Enchantment Level 0) Tortuga Tavern (Enchantment Level 2) Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop Toy Story Mania (Enchantment Level 0) The Training Camp The Training Grounds (Enchantment Level 2) Treadspeeder Base (Enchantment Level 2) The Tree of Life The Troll Knoll (Enchantment Level 2) Under the Sea Ursula's Lair WALL-E's House Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress (Enchantment Level 3) The Wandering Oaken's The Water Spirit Wave Ride (Enchantment Level 2) The Western Arcade The White Rabbit's House (Enchantment Level 2) The Witch's Cottage (Enchantment Level 1) The Yavin 4 Base (Enchantment Level 0) Yzma's Lair Zeus' Temple (Enchantment Level 1) The Zootopia P.D. The Zootopia Race Track

Total attractions: 144 / 196

NOTE: I didn't include the Treasure Bank because it's no longer in the game.

My Parade Floats

Here are all of the parade floats that I have unlocked so far in the game. The black icons mean that I haven't got some of the other parade floats yet.

Mickey and Friends DuckTales Toy Story Cinderella Peter Pan Pirates of the Caribbean Monsters, Inc. WALL-E Tangled WALL-E Zootopia Bambi The Jungle Book Dumbo Lady and the Tramp Pocahontas The Emperor's New Groove Ratatouille The Incredibles The Nightmare Before Christmas Frozen Mulan Beauty and the Beast The Lion King Aladdin Alice in Wonderland Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Winnie the Pooh Lilo and Stitch Big Hero 6 The Little Mermaid Wreck-It Ralph The Princess and the Frog Moana Finding Nemo Coco Star Wars Onward Hercules Brave Raya and the Last Dragon Luca 101 Dalmatians

Total parade floats: 23 / 43