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Update 45 Livestream Sweepstakes 2020
Update 45 Livestream Sweepstakes 2020
6th November 2020

Gameloft's Update 45 Livestream Sweepstakes began and ended on 6th November 2020.

Five (5) Winners will be selected from all successful entries received during the Sweepstakes Period in a random drawing on or about 6th November 2020. The winners will receive 5 Star Wars Legendary Chests which Average Retail Value (ARV) is $? USD. The total ARV of the Contest is $? USD.


  1. Follow Disney Magic Kingdoms profile on Facebook
  2. Comment on the Livestream Contest Post with the correct answer to the trivia questions asked during the Livestream.

Trivia Questions

Question Proposals (Answers)
1. What is the name of The Mandalorian? A. Jango Fett
B. Boba Fett
C. Din Djarin
2. What is the name of The Mandalorian armor metal? A. Beskar
B. Mithril
C. Darksteel
3. What planet was The Child found on? A. Tatooine
B. Arvala-7
C. Nevarro
4. What creature did The Child help The Mandalorian fight off? A. Mudhorn
B. Bantha
C. Blurrg
5. What is the name of The Mandalorian's ship? A. Ebon Hawk
B. Solar Sailor
C. Razor Crest