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Update 37 Livestream Sweepstakes 2020
Update 37 Livestream Sweepstakes 2020
17th January 2020

Gameloft's Update 37 Livestream Sweepstakes began and ended on 17th January 2020.

Five (5) Winners will be selected from all successful entries received during the Sweepstakes Period in a random drawing on or about January 17th, 2020. The winners will receive 5 Attraction Enchantment Chests which Average Retail Value (ARV) is $6.48 USD. The total ARV of the Contest is $32.40 USD..


  1. Follow Disney Magic Kingdoms profile on Facebook
  2. Comment on the Livestream Contest Post with the correct answer to the trivia questions asked during the Livestream.

Trivia Questions

Question Proposals (Answers)
1. Which is Ancestor's Shrine? A. Ba-ariels grotto.png
B. Ba-ancestors shrine.png(Answer)
C. Ba-cyclops sushi.png
D. Ba-beasts castle.png
E. Ba-atlantica.png
2. Which is Lantern Attraction? A. Ba-jungle river drift.png
B. Ba-lantern attraction.png (Answer)
C. Ba-gastons tavern.png
D. Ba-fantasy faire.png
E. Ba-fantasmic!.png
3. Which is Lucky Cat Café? A. Ba-lucky cat café.png (Answer)
B. Ba-land of the dead.png
C. Ba-peter pans flight.png
D. Ba-san fransokyo city.png
E. Ba-lahui beach.png
4. Which is Reflections of China? A. Ba-san fransokyo city.png
B. Ba-finding nemo submarine voyage.png
C. Ba-reflections of china.png (Answer)
D. Ba-fairy hut.png
E. Ba-seven dwarfs mine train.png
5. Which is Training Camp? A. Ba-eeyores house.png
B. Ba-tortuga tavern.png
C. Ba-chip n dale treehouse.png
D. Ba-training camp.png (Answer)
E. Ba-troll knoll.png