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Gameloft's Update 33 Livestream Sweepstakes began and ended on 6th September 2019.

Five (5) Winners will be selected from all successful entries received during the Sweepstakes Period in a random drawing on or about September 6th, 2019. The winners will receive 5 Attraction Enchantment Chests which Average Retail Value (ARV) is $6.48 USD. The total ARV of the Contest is $32.40 USD..


  1. Follow Disney Magic Kingdoms profile on Facebook
  2. Comment on the Livestream Contest Post with the correct answer to the trivia questions asked during the Livestream.

Trivia Questions[]

Question Proposals (Answers)
1. Which is Mickey's House? A. Ba-fantasmic
B. Ba-mickeys house (Answer)
C. Ba-steamboat willie
D. Ba-plutos house
E. Ba-daisys diner
2. Which is Slinky Dog Dash? A. Ba-als toy barn
B. Ba-pizza planet
C. Ba-the meadow
D. Ba-slinky dog dash (Answer)
E. Ba-star adventurer
3. Which is Lost Boy's Hideout? A. Ba-chip n dale treehouse
B. Ba-peter pans flight
C. Ba-lost boys hideout (Answer)
D. Ba-the jolly roger
E. Ba-goofys playhouse
4. Which is Mama Odie's Tree? A. Ba-pirates of the caribbean
B. Ba-dr faciliers voodoo emporium
C. Ba-tree of life
D. Ba-fantasy faire
E. Ba-mama odies tree (Answer)
5. Which is Rapunzel's Tower? A. Ba-slaughter race
B. Ba-reflections of china
C. Ba-rapunzels tower (Answer)
D. Ba-finkelstein tower
E. Ba-troll knoll