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Gameloft's Update 23 Preview Livestream Sweepstakes began and ended on 31st August 2018.

Five (5) Winners will be selected from all successful entries received during the Sweepstakes Period in a random drawing on or about September 3rd, 2018. The winners will receive 3 Platinum Chests which Average Retail Value (ARV) is $5.40 USD. The total ARV of the Contest is $16.20 USD.


  1. Follow Disney Magic Kingdoms profile on Facebook
  2. Comment on the Livestream Contest Post with the correct answer to the trivia questions asked during the Livestream.

Trivia Questions[]

Question Proposals (Answers)
1. Which Disney Animated Film was released in 1989? A. The Lion King
B. The Little Mermaid
C. Beauty and the Beast
2. Which King lives under the sea? A. King Triton
B. King Louie
C. Mufasa
3. Which word can be used to describe a Fork? A. Snarfblatt
B. Thingamabob
C. Dinglehopper
4. Which Crustacean Crooner likes to sing songs by the light of the moon? A. Sebastian
B. Flounder
C. Scuttle
5. Which Sea Witch covets Ariel's voice? A. Orsula
B. Irsula
C. Ursula