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Character Dialogue
Aladdin Jasmine found a great place for Genie's party. There is just one problem.
Aladdin She thinks there might be somebody sneaking around there in the shadows.
Aladdin I better check it out. Just to be safe.

Unexpected Guest?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Aladdin to investigate the Lotus Fountain.[1]
"Investigate the Lotus Fountain"
60m Experience5, Sultan Symbols50
Character Dialogue
Genie Oh, AL! Buddy! Come out, come out, wherever you are!... Can you hear me, Al?! I'm just gonna assume the silence is a yes...
Genie Hope you don't mind, but you WEREN'T in Agrabah, so I took a quick detour through MOST of space and time to track you down.
Genie Side note - you ever get a mani-pedi in the lost city of Atlantis? They use these little loofah things that are to DIE for!
Genie ...ANYWAY. Little birdie told me you were wherever HERE is. So, either birds are bad at directions, or I'm REALLY confused. Al!
Aladdin Oh no! He's here already! Forget searching - we need to have the party set up before he finds us!