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Character Dialogue
Captain Barbossa I've sailed everywhere from the Spanish Main to the Java Sea to the ends of the earth...
Captain Barbossa I thought there was nary a corner of the world I hadn't clapped eyes on. And yet... here we are.
Captain Barbossa Which means... by sundown tonight, I'll either be rich, or have a ruddy CONTINENT named after me. Perhaps both!

Uncharted Waters[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Captain Barbossa
Level 3
Send Barbossa to explore the Kingdom.
"Explore the Kingdom"
2h Experience30, Magic250
Character Dialogue
Captain Barbossa ... Hang and BLAST it! Of all the scurvy, DISAPPOINTIN'... It's all LAND!
Captain Barbossa Nothin' but land as far as the eye can see... with only a scanty bit of shallow coast and a river or two to break the monotony!
Captain Barbossa Don't know how familiar y'are with my line of work, but without a good stretch of open sea? It gets a mite difficult.
Captain Barbossa And Barbossa ain't a common LAND burglar, I'll say that much. I'd hardly be able to live with myself...