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Character Dialogue
Chief Tui ... I know she's a strong, capable young woman, Sina, but without anything new to go on... I can't help fearing the worst.
Sina Tui... This will NOT be like what happened when you were young. If Moana could face Te Ka, she'll come through this just fine.
Sina And besides, you DO have something to go on, remember? That sea chart! You've been so distracted, you've barely looked at it.
Sina Why don't you find somewhere quiet and see if you can figure out what it means? I can search the shore again in the meantime.


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Sina to take another look around for Moana.
"Search for Moana"
8h Experience5, Shiny Shells50
Chief Tui
Level 5
Send Chief Tui to examine the chart in Homecoming.[1]
"Go to Homecoming"
Character Dialogue
Chief Tui Hrmm... I wish I'd paid more attention to Mother's stories about these charts. And not for the first time today...
Chief Tui Our people only started voyaging again a short time ago, so it's hard for me to say which shell corresponds to which island.
Chief Tui At least I can tell what most of these curved pieces are supposed to be... except for this pesky coconut fiber on the edge--
Chief Tui ... Wait. Maybe it's a...?
Chief Tui I have to get back to Moana's boat. I may be on to something!