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Character Dialogue
Squirt Nemo's idea to find Little Blue is totally sweet... but I thought up a way to make it even sweeter!
Squirt Little Blue and me always play hide-and-seek together -- even if she forgets we're doing it sometimes.
Squirt So I thought, instead of putting the purple shells in a pile, we should put them in a trail leading to us and Jellyman!
Squirt It'll be just like hide-and-seek! Only Jellyman doesn't know that he's hiding, so... SURPRISE hide-and-seek! That's even cooler!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Squirt to help make a shell trail.
"Help Make a Shell Trail"
4h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Character Dialogue
Squirt Awww, yeah -- those shells are looking SWEET, dude!
Squirt Little Blue doesn't know it yet, but she's about to do the awesomest treasure hunt EVER.
Squirt And only mostly 'cause the treasure is all of us! (Even though that IS about the coolest thing ever.)
Squirt I totally tried to do a treasure hunt in the EAC once! The shells didn't stay in one place, though.