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Character Dialogue
Shank Can I be real for a second? 'Cause here's the thing. I'm all about online multiplayer -- you've gotta be, in my job...
Shank But some of the stuff I hear players saying to each other on voice chat... It's just hurtful, you know?
Shank I mean, things like bullying newbies... griefing... just any kind of trash talk that hits too close to home...
Shank ... Well, that kind of thing just makes me want to get out of the car, find a good mantra, and re-center myself. You feel me?


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send "Shank.sltr" to "Task.Idle.Anim."
2h Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Hearts50 during I'm Gonna Wreck It! Event 2018
Character Dialogue
Shank ... Hm! Better. I saw this lecture on walking meditation once, and ever since, I've sworn by it: It really helps you cool down.
Shank I think most players would appreciate it too, if I'm honest! Like, sure, use my game to have fun and all...
Shank ...But if you're ever tempted to be cruel to someone online, just... get some fresh air! Take a walk. Breathe deep. It works!
Shank And remember: "If you DO disrespect someone on my turf... You're gonna get GOT!"
Shank Hah! I love that line... Cutscene dialogue isn't all bad, you know?