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Character Dialogue
Ralph Look, Shank, this has been... Well, it's been SOMETHING, but there's this virus I'm trying to deal with, see, so I've gotta--
Shank You're handling that virus? That's great, Ralph! Really considerate of you.
Shank I can take care of tracking down Vanellope, then. I'll let you know the minute I hear from her!
Ralph No, wait -- I meant *I* was gonna go find Vanellope! STOP WALKING AWAY SO FAST!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send "Shank.sltr" to "Task.Search.Vanellope."
60m Experience5, Hearts50
Character Dialogue
Shank Hmm... Still no sign of her. Of course, this game doesn't have a mini-map, which means I'm looking the old-fashioned way.
Shank I actually kind of like it! Helps me stay in the here and now, you know?
Shank Of course, that's just my personal preference. Every game's different -- just like every player!
Shank I mean... I ALSO like crashing stolen ambulances into ravines, but I wouldn't push that on anyone else.