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Character Dialogue
Anastasia Tremaine I don't see Drizella anywhere... Which is fine by me!
Anastasia Tremaine I can't have HER pretending to be nice to Cinderella -- not before I have the chance to pretend to be nice to her first!
Anastasia Tremaine And I know just how I'm going to do it, too. I won't even have to SAY anything to her if I'm playing the flute, now, will I?

Two Can Play at That Game[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Anastasia Tremaine
Level 1
Send Anastasia to practice her flute.
"Practice Her Flute"
4h Experience5, Magic50
Character Dialogue
Anastasia Tremaine Ahhh... Perfect as usual!
Anastasia Tremaine I can tell because all the birds that were here before flew away while I was playing. Even THEY'RE jealous of me!
Anastasia Tremaine I'm SO glad Drizella isn't here to get in my way. For some RIDICULOUS reason, she thinks I'm out of tune!
Anastasia Tremaine I don't care WHAT she says -- I think getting my fingers stuck in the keys makes me sound BETTER!